The way sport is viewed in America is evolving with the launch of a new streaming service from Walt Disney, ESPN+.

There has been much anticipation about the new platform from US sports fans, as its launch was the subject of much speculation.

The service, which will be available for $4.99 per month will offer fans the opportunity to indulge in not only live streaming, but also original ESPN content.

With regards to live sports, ESPN+ will include speciality programming for select Major League Baseball and NHL games, international sports, however, it won’t show NFL games.

The launch represents a significant swing in the way sports are consumed as ESPN looks to follow the lead of CBS in placing a greater focus on its online platforms as oppose to television based sports offering.

CBS recently made its free streaming sports service CBS Sports HQ live, offering fans the opportunity to view a network that takes the best from all of the CBS services.

Furthermore, the way US sports are viewed in the UK may also be about to change, as one of the leading UK sports broadcasters, BT Sports announced it will be launching a pay per view channel.

Many have anticipated that this the latest launch from BT is to accommodate the return of former heavyweight boxing champion Tyson Fury, however with the channel as the UK’s sole  destination for UFC and MLB, many UK based US sports fans will be weary of being asked to cough up more money to watch the big US sporting events.