Light & Wonder accused by second company of IP theft

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Another major supplier is claiming that Light & Wonder has ripped off its product.

Last week, Evolution Gaming filed a lawsuit in Nevada District Court alleging that Light & Wonder stole the patented concepts of its Lighting Roulette product to launch Roulette X.

Evolution says Light & Wonder stole roulette game idea

According to the redacted complaint filed by Evolution, the two groups initially entered into a good-faith agreement to develop a land-based version of Evolution’s live dealer game Lightning Roulette. The game is essentially traditional roulette with the addition of “lucky numbers” that multiply a player’s winnings anywhere from 50-500X. The company filed three patents in relation to the game.

Per the filing, Evolution received multiple offers to develop a land-based version of the game, including one from Light & Wonder. Evolution worked with Light & Wonder to develop the game, formally entering into an agreement in March 2021 that was later publicly announced. During that time, Evolution shared important and confidential information about the algorithm powering Lightning Roulette.

A few months later, Evolution claims Light & Wonder “attempted to unilaterally terminate the parties’ agreement” and also was telling Evolution customers that the two groups were no longer working together.

Then, Light & Wonder went on to roll out its own product, Roulette X, with remarkably similar gameplay to Lightning Roulette.

The lawsuit contends that Light & Wonder is infringing upon all three patents related to Lightning Roulette and also alleges the company violated Evolution’s trade secrets.

SBC Americas reached out to Light & Wonder about the suit and the company declined to comment.

Aristocrat also says Light & Wonder is a copycat

This is not the only legal situation claiming Light & Wonder is a copycat. The company is currently facing another lawsuit from competitor Aristocrat claiming Light & Wonder is ripping off Aristocrat title Dragon Link with its rival game, Jewel of the Dragon.

In its motion to dismiss filed in April, Light & Wonder claimed that Aristocrat was simply looking to fish for information about its competitor in the discovery process and that the claim lacked any substance nor established any protected Aristocrat trade secret Light & Wonder was infringing upon.

The judge in that case is currently deliberating the motion to dismiss.