MGC talks wagering limits for sports bettors across Massachusetts

Massachusetts Sports Betting Limits
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The Massachusetts Gaming Commission (MGC) is discussing the potential implementation of sports wagering limits.

The MGC is raising the topic of authorizing wagering limits following a public comment submitted last year that questioned whether operators have the authority to limit bettors.

The MGC conducted an investigation on the topic that included a review of regulations, operator house rules, terms and conditions, and approved internal controls. The commission also consulted its legal team and operators to discuss betting limits.

Operators have leveraged wager limits to manage risk and to ensure the integrity of competitions on a per-customer basis. The MGC is discussing wager limits with no imminent changes coming to regulations but is willing to explore options with its six licensed sports betting operators or revisit the topic as the year moves forward.

Commissioners in the MGC are raising questions regarding potential limits in the state.

“It seems to me that the regulation and house rules put a tremendous amount of discretion in their [operators] hands but there’s a deeper issue here in terms of individual patrons,” said MGC Commissioner Eileen O’Brien during an opening meeting. “How and why are they making these determinations because that’s critical to whether we need to amend this regulation?”

The MGC also wants to ensure fairness for patrons as operators also aim to drive profits. It also discussed the ebbs and flows of betting and what operators can do to inform bettors.

“There should be a way for patrons to really understand what might get them limited,” said Commissioner Nakisha Skinner. “It really is at the operators’ discretion and there’s really no way for a patron to understand what is happening. The chief complaint is the operator won’t let them know.”

The MGC plans to revisit wager limits in the coming weeks to continue their discussion.  

Leadership changes in Massachusetts

The MGC is considering wager limits amid changes to its leadership team.

Earlier this month, the MGC extended an offer to Dean Serpa to make him the commission’s next executive director. The former Deputy Chief of Staff for Gov. Charlie Baker received an offer from the MGC following an extensive public interview process.

If Serpa accepts the position, he will replace interim executive director Todd Grossman.

The MGC has also named Commissioner Jordan Maynard as its new interim chair following the retirement of Cathy Judd-Stein. Maynard has been with the MGC since 2022.