Safe Bet Show: Michael Auer talks Neccton, analytics and psychology

The Martin Lycka Safe Bet Show is back for another episode and on this month’s edition, Neccton Founder and Managing Director Dr. Michael Auer is in the hotseat. 

Lycka and Auer touch on the latter’s academic background in psychology and explain why a humanities subject ends up being a numbers game and set him on course to be a statistician upon graduating. 

Auer also explains how he first became interested in researching addiction, which is what ultimately led him to be the founder of Neccton, a company that specializes in data analytics to provide problem gambling solutions. 

The pair discuss global gambling issues including the UK gambling White Paper that looks set to shakeup the industry across the pond.

Lycka then quizzes Auer about what responsible gambling tools he believes are the most efficient, of course leveraging data to do so. 

Finally, Auer discusses the history of Neccton and how a company founded 20 years ago in Vienna is now part of the Endeavor Group via its acquisition by the latter’s OpenBet subsidiary earlier this year.