Kindbridge forms USI and ProhiBet partnership to promote athlete mental health

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Kindbrige Behavioral Health has signed a comprehensive partnership with US Integrity and its joint venture firm ProhiBet to promote support for athletes’ mental health. 

The partnership sees Kindbridge and US Integrity collaborate to create a section on ProhiBet for professional and student-athletes to seek mental health support. 

Those individuals who are identified as “high-risk” or “at-risk” by the ProhiBet system will be offered access to Kindbridge’s telehealth platform that integrates mental health services, clinical research and technology to care for addiction. 

Daniel Umfleet, Founder & CEO of Kindbridge Behavioral Health, commented: “Aligning with US Integrity is a pivotal move for Kindbridge. Together, we aim to seamlessly integrate integrity and accessibility to mental health services, setting a new standard in scale and support. Our specialized service is designed to address mental health issues commonly faced by collegiate and professional athletes, including problems related to gambling.” 

The deal comes at a time when betting-related issues have cropped up in US sports throughout 2023 as both professional NFL players and student-athletes break sports wagering guidelines and admit to gambling addictions. 

While regulatory – and in some cases criminal – interventions have been made in those incidents, there have been calls for more education and provisions of support for those who break sports betting rules. 

USI is attempting to create a one-stop shop for integrity and compliance in the US sports betting space. It launched ProhiBet in conjunction with Odds On Compliance and subsequently announced a merger with the compliance consultancy firm. 

Matthew Holt, CEO & Co-Founder of US Integrity, added: “This partnership truly completes the evolution of a comprehensive athlete wrap-around service for teams and leagues. The amalgamation of betting monitoring services, education, and streamlined access to care for athletes represents a monumental stride toward ensuring the enduring integrity of sports nationwide.”