US players growing tired of “overwhelming” igaming marketing

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An overwhelming majority of US players are growing weary of constant gaming and sports betting marketing and advertising, according to new research. 

A study from Optimove has revealed that 86% of players turn off gaming websites because of “an onslaught of excessive or irrelevant emails, texts, and push notifications”. 

The study – titled ‘Optimove 2023 Report of Players’ Preferences in iGaming Marketing’ – was based on a survey of 396 US citizens aged 21 or over with a household income of over $75,000. It is worth noting the very small sample size when analyzing the data and taking conclusions from such a small group of consumers.

It found that 30% of players find the volume of promotional messaging from operators “overwhelming”, whilst the study found that the most effective marketing material was that that uses personalization, relevancy, and preferred communication channels.

“Marketing fatigue, characterized by consumers feeling overwhelmed or disengaged due to a relentless barrage of repetitive marketing messages, looms as a growing menace. Its pernicious effects include diminishing response rates and flagging engagement, which can severely impact brand perception and customer loyalty” – Optimove stated in its report.

This report comes just months after Optimove’s 2023 Marketing Fatigue survey, which found that 66% of people wanted fewer marketing messages and 27% felt “utterly bombarded” by marketing material.

Meanwhile, when asked about their preferred communication methods, players expressed a clear preference for email, with 57% choosing to be contacted via email compared to 18% via text message. 

The study uncovered an open rate of 53% for gaming marketing messages, with the key driver of opening messages being relevancy (56%) followed by special offers (38%). 

Participants also overwhelmingly responded positively to personalized messaging from operators, with 90% reacting positively to them, whilst 85% stated that operators were personalizing messages based on betting activity. 

This led to Optimove recommending that operators continue to personalize their marketing to increase the efficacy of their promotions. 

Optimove advised: “Continue personalizing promotional messages to cater to individual player preferences. The high percentage of respondents who appreciate personalized messages (90%) suggests that tailoring content can be effective.”