SB22 continues innovation aspirations with BetLeroy’s

Team touching hands
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SB22 has penned a strategic partnership agreement with Nevada-based sports betting firm BetLeroy’s to develop a new sports engagement-based wagering platform. 

The two companies will collaborate to build a platform for sports betting and engagement that features leaderboards and a variety of betting options. 

Aiming to continue its strategy to innovate in the US sports betting space, SB22’s deal with BetLeroy’s will not only introduce a mobile sportsbook app but also a patent-pending Apple Watch app. 

Based in Nevada, BetLeroy’s is led by Vic Salerno, an American Gaming Association Hall of Fame inductee and former President of USBookmaking

Salerno stated: “We are thrilled to join forces with SB22 to launch a new sports wagering app that is focused on a seamless interface and sports fan engagement. 

“Our team has over four decades of experience in the sports wagering industry, and this partnership is a great fit for us to continue our mission of pioneering the future of sports betting innovation.” 

The new platform will be powered by the SB22 Fi22 platform that has been rolled out with several operators in the US throughout this year. 

SB22 has been aiming to innovate in the US sports betting industry and has penned agreements with the likes of nVenue, SharpLink and PICO in recent months to develop new technologies to captivate US sporting audiences. 

“Vic Salerno is a real legend in the industry.  No one understands sports betting better than he does, and we are honored to be the technology of choice for him and his team,” said SB22 CEO John Thompson.

“The market is starting to realize that to differentiate and be successful in this space you’re going to have to do something more than just throw your brand and millions of dollars of giveaways and marketing spend on a technology platform that predates the iPhone.”