Elys Technology completes Continent 8 server installation

server room
Image: Shutterstock

Elys Technology has completed the installation of its North American server infrastructure housed in Continent 8 Technologies’ Data Center in Cincinnati, Ohio

The installation of the new server ensures that Elys’s presence in Ohio is enhanced, but also improves the overall technical capabilities of the firm across North America. 

Continent 8’s data hub will offer Elys intelligent storage capabilities that boast a scalable platform and instant data access. The tech provider has noted that this installation will provide the backbone for future growth, with a 100% availability guarantee from Continent 8.

“Our strategic decision to host our infrastructure within Continent 8’s ISO 27001 & PCI certified igaming Data Centers demonstrates our commitment to meeting the highest standards in colocation and compliance with regulatory requirements,” stated Michele Ciavarella, Executive Chairman of Elys Game Technology, Corp. 

“Each of these data centers is licensed and approved by local state regulators where necessary. This move is integral to the expansion of the Company’s Elys America brand and our leading-edge sportsbook products throughout the US and Canada.” 

Elys Technology is a provider of sports betting technology that hosts retail betting in several locations across Washington DC. It has ambitions to establish commercial sports betting operations in Ohio, Maryland and New Jersey.

It is currently undergoing the regulatory process to operate in Michigan, North Dakota and New Mexico, and is exploring the possibility of rolling out online and mobile betting in multiple US states and Canadian provinces over the next six to eight months. 

As well as successfully installing a new tech server, Elys has made a move to improve its cybersecurity mechanisms in the wake of the high-profile MGM and Caesars hack in the last month. 

Elys has implemented a web application firewall to provide a defense against a variety of threats inclusive of DDoS attacks, SQL injections amongst others. 

Ciavarella added: “Our network has been purposefully designed for robust, redundant performance, tailored to meet the dynamic bandwidth needs of our applications and clients. 

“This ensures seamless handling of high volumes of data traffic while ensuring uninterrupted service, even in the event of equipment failure. Such resilience is critical for online gaming platforms that demand real-time responsiveness.”