New props-style DFS site connects fantasy with sports narratives

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The legal standing of props-style fantasy may be hotly debated these days, but that is not stopping more new companies from entering into the space.

The latest DFS site to debut is called Units and the gist of the offering is that it connects the big stories of the sports world into fantasy props available to those who are not as driven by analytics and data/.

“Eighty percent of sports fans are not hardcore players in the sports gaming space, and many are too intimidated to get involved in the current iterations of competitive sports entertainment,” said Torey Korsunsky, Units founder and CEO. “Units appeals to the wide audience that fueled fantasy sports’ explosion and ties directly to the headlines and stories they’re already engaging within sports media.”

The app is currently available on iPhone and in 19 states as well as Washington DC. The plan is to curate between 8-10 sports stories a day, with each having corresponding fantasy propositions players can wager on.

“Like millions of other sports fans, I found myself looking for a platform that pointed me to the best stories about incredible athletes and allowed me to put my money on them, all in one place. Units provides a way for fans to engage in the sports gaming space on a human level, and the attraction of compelling daily stories and content has the great potential to keep them coming back, rather than burning out,” he added.