Colorado regulator launches sports betting self-exclusion program

Colorado sign
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The Colorado Division of Gaming (DofG) has launched an official state self-exclusion program for the sports betting marketplace. 

Launched during Responsible Gambling Education Month, the Division of Gaming’s self-exclusion program will allow bettors to take time out from betting if they feel like their activity is becoming problematic. 

There was previously a self-exclusion scheme in Colorado, but it was managed by the Problem Gambling Coalition of Colorado, whereas this one will be under the scope of the DofG. 

“The Division of Gaming is committed to promoting responsible gaming in the Colorado gaming industry, and the launch of the state’s self-exclusion program is an exciting advancement for our state,” said Christopher Schroder, Director of the Colorado DofG. 

“We appreciate all of the work that the PGCC has done to get the self-exclusion program to this point. They are an excellent partner in this important work.”

Players who wish to sign up for the self-exclusion register can do so online or by visiting a DOG office and filling out the forms there. Registrants can self-exclude for a period of one year, three years, or five years. 

The changeover from the PGCC to the DOG’s handling of the self-exclusion scheme was mandated by Limited Gaming Rule 29 and Sports Betting Rule 9, which established RG requirements.

Licensed operators have already received a dissemination notice of the list so they can put in place action so that registrants cannot place bets on those platforms in Colorado.

In a statement, the Division of Gaming stated: “In the Division’s continued efforts to prevent problem gambling, the goal over the next year is to build a robust and technology-leveraged website to make signups and dissemination as efficient as possible.”