Rithmm launches AI-driven sports betting platform

analytics platform
Image: Shutterstock

Boston-based startup firm Rithmm has launched the full version of its sports betting platform that is driven by artificial intelligence technology. 

Following a year of beta testing, the firm launched the full platform at the beginning of the NFL and college football seasons to capitalize on the growing interest in betting during this period. 

The platform allows sports bettors to build customizable analytics models to help them make more informed decisions when it comes to placing their bets. It harnesses AI tech and “advanced analytics” to reduce barriers to entry, aiming to make it available to bettors of all experiences. 

Rithmm’s offering is split up into two products named Core and Premium. The difference between the two is that, whereas the Core version allows users to build analytical models that provide picks, predicted scores and win probabilities, the Premium product offers users a deep dive into data via a “no modeling experience”.

“The official launch of Rithmm is the culmination of our vision, hard work, and passion,” said Megan Lanham, CEO of Rithmm, Inc. “The invaluable insights shared by our beta testers have been instrumental in shaping Rithmm into the exceptional platform it is today. 

“With the Core and Premium offerings and our groundbreaking NFL product, we are excited to usher in a new era of personalized, immersive betting experiences for our users.”

Rithmm outlined that users on the Premium platform can build models from a library of stats rather than hand–picked ones from staff members, while Premium members can also shop around different sportsbooks for the best prices. 

“Rithmm’s product offerings are launching just in time for the upcoming NFL and College Football season, and I could not be more excited,” said Ryan Besch, a beta user of the platform. 

“Rithmm offers fast, easy-to-understand predictive data that saves me time. I can’t wait to dig into the platform as the first games of the 2023-24 football season kick-off because I know Rithmm is going to give me the information I need to make smart bets.”

While the platform is launched for the NFL and college football, Rithmm also has a WNBA, NBA and college basketball product, while platforms for other sports leagues are in development.