Trustly launches Player Insights report for football season

Trustly 2022-2023 Football Season Player Insights Report
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As sports betting continues to legalize across the US, operators want to know more about their players through actionable data that can help them understand how to best serve them on their platforms. The best way for operators to learn more about their players is by examining the interactions between players and their payments ecosystem.

Overall, payments are an extremely important facet of the player experience, so learning more about payment trends from last year’s season is valuable. Trustly has compiled several key statistics into a complete 2022-2023 Football Season Player Insights Report to help operators enhance their promotional and support strategies. 

Transaction data from the Super Bowl

Being the largest sporting event in the US, it’s no shock that players are the most active during Super Bowl weekend. The 2023 Super Bowl showed transactions-per-second peaking at 192. There were also larger-than-average deposit values and generally a lot of player activity throughout the weekend. Trustly held 100% uptime during this extremely busy period. 

The Super Bowl shows that it’s crucial that operators find themselves a solid payments partner that can process large volumes of transactions easily. Super Bowl transaction data can also allow operators to understand their own needs for scalability and how to adequately prepare for major sporting events that have guaranteed high levels of activity. 

Insights into pay-in and payout activity

Trustly’s findings show that the average value of daily pay-ins is 65.6% higher on weekends, and 40% more pay-ins happen during the weekend. On the flip side, payouts are more evenly spread across the week. 

Players also seem to prefer loading their wallets on the same day or one day before the week’s starting games on Sunday and will expect payouts regularly. Pay-in and payout data can help operators better understand player behavior and adjust operations accordingly. According to our findings, although online gaming platforms are live throughout the week, the average value of daily pay-ins is 65.6% higher on weekends. Additionally, 40% more pay-ins are made during the weekend. 

In essence, operators should have a payment solution that can consistently handle this level of pay-ins and payout distributions throughout the season, especially on key days. Operators can also use pay-in and payout stats to craft better loyalty and VIP programs, identify player thresholds or any chokepoints in the betting process, and understand player behavior in different states to adjust their operations accordingly.

Download Trustly’s 2022-2023 Football Season Player Insights Report

Operators can leverage Trustly’s data on the previous football season to prepare for the new one.

To learn more about individual stats for each state, average values of payouts, and overall deposit and withdrawal trends, download the 2022-2023 Football Season Player Insights Report today.