ITP launches industry-facing Pro Football F2P game

Inside The Pocket (ITP), a free-to-play game aggregator, has announced the launch of a new game aimed at gaming industry professionals ahead of the upcoming NFL season. 

Pro Football Survivor will offer the winner a $100k prize split between the individual and their chosen charity and seeks to boost engagement amongst those in the business of sports media and igaming. 

The format of the game follows other survivor-style games in that it allows players to pick a non-reusable team to win each week of the regular Pro Football season and the playoffs. 

Players will then receive points depending on how close their picks are to reality and they will be placed in a leaderboard with colleagues and other players.

Hussain Naqi, Founder and CEO of Inside The Pocket, said: “No matter what Al Pacino said in Any Given Sunday, it’s actually a game of inching along, surviving week-by-week, and outlasting your rivals. So, join us for Pro Football Survivor and stand a chance to win big while also supporting a great charitable cause. 

“It’s a fun way to learn more about America’s favorite sport, or flex your bragging rights if you know the game well. It takes under a minute each week, and hopefully, you’ll be coming back every week to play.”

ITP is now welcoming people to sign up and play the game, which joins over 20 other titles on its aggregation platform. The platform seeks to help partners boost acquisition and retention rates as well as increase fans’ engagement with their favorite sports. 

In the Pro Football Survivor game, players can pick one team and only final results at the end of the regulation period will count and ties count as defeats.

Naqi added: “We’re focused on B2B clients, whether that’s in sports media, the betting and gaming space, the hospitality industry, the restaurant sector or any other party amongst a varied Venn Diagram of interconnectivity. At ITP, we want to house many new potential partners under this same roof, such is our platform’s ability to target specific recreational player groups and fulfill nuanced acquisition and retention goals.

 “At ITP, we don’t view the landscape merely in terms of games. Rather, we think about the space as an entire ecosystem and strategy which we specifically cultivate as a flexible and ever-evolving piece of content for an overlapping and interdependent chain of companies to whom we can now demonstrate the multifaceted solutions of ITP.”