Caesars pulls out of Raynham Park partnership in MA…for now

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Caesars Sportsbook is pumping the brakes on its planned partnership with Massachusett Greyhound Association, the group behind the Raynham Park facility in Massachusetts.

While there is no longer live greyhound racing at the facility, the group is technically eligible to open a retail sportsbook at the site. Initially, the group partnered with bet365 to bring a sportsbook to the state, but bet365 withdrew in January after deciding not to enter Massachusetts at all.

Caesars stepped up to the plate as the next partner, but looming questions about whether or not Raynham Park is suitable for a license resulted in Caesars terminating the deal last Thursday.

Raynham Park is in the midst of complicated discussions with the Masssachusetts Gaming Commission regarding its suitability. At the heart of the application is a question about whether or not Chris Carney, often described in media as the owner of the facility, is actually a key stakeholder or not.

That debate is still underway after a lengthy meeting on Friday with no resolution. However, Raynham Park still would like the MGC to make a determination about preliminary suitability even though they do not have a sportsbook provider.

“As a matter of law, it is difficult to envision a scenario in which the application to move towards a temporary license to operate could be granted by the commission,” explained interim MGC Executive Director Todd Grossman during Friday’s meeting.

While the partnership is currently terminated, according to Raynham Park, a suitability finding could put the partnership with Caesars back into play.

“There is a distinct possibility, I’d say more than that, that we will be able to revive the agreement with Caesars,” a Raynham Park spokesperson said during the meeting.

When that determination might come is unclear, as the debate will continue about Carney’s role in the company and the company’s suitability in another MGC meeting on Monday morning.