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Shivan Patel, VP of North America at Pariplay, tells SBC Americas about the aggregator’s continued expansion on the continent, and what to expect from it in the coming months as it sharpens its focus on key regulated states and provinces.

SBC: How far can aggregators go in the US, or is there a demand for direct integrations only?

Shivan Patel of Pariplay
Shivan Patel

Shivan Patel: Aggregation platforms are becoming more popular in North America and it is clear that it remains a hugely popular and affordable way for all parties to get good content delivered to the right audiences. Whether operators are looking to offer popular games to their players, or smaller studios are looking to build localized content for North America, it allows a route to market that works for all.  

Pariplay is continuously strengthening our position in the market by offering high-quality content to our operator base both in the USA and Canada.

From our perspective, the value of localized, North America-facing content has never been higher. This could be in the form of traditional, land-based-style slots that have been ported to online devices, or games designed uniquely for certain demographics, but all continue to perform incredibly well. 

In the past 12 months we have seen that more global suppliers, or regional ones that previously didn’t have an interest in the US, are looking to engage with the market, not only in America but also Canada as well.  We note many more suppliers applying for licenses in both regions, and here at Pariplay we have a strong distribution channel to be able to make this commercially viable for them.

We’ve closed more than 50 deals in Q1, and this is a real sign of the progress we’re making in North America. To be a good aggregator, you need to deliver good content in a technically proficient manner, and this is something we excel at.

SBC: Delivering local content seems to be a key focus for providers in North America, how does Pariplay facilitate that?

SP: [Pariplay’s in-house studio] Wizard Games continues to be a real driver of engaging content in North America. By taking into account not just operator needs, but player desires, we’re able to build US-facing, localized content that performs well and which has longevity. A clear example of this is our Dragons of the North series, which now spans three games. 

In addition, our roadmap remains strong, with a healthy mix of strictly US-facing products as well as games that look to introduce new mechanics, themes, and gameplay for players to explore across different titles. 

In addition to Wizard Games, Pariplay’s Ignite® program continues to go from strength to strength. It has seen a record number of partners integrated so far this year solely focussed on North America. From delivering games exclusively for the US market, to building bespoke content, the platform gives partners not only the opportunity to access the market under Pariplay’s licenses but also the tools they need to create great games that are flexible for operator needs. 

As well as providing an area to create products, it also gives opportunities to small studios to access the North American market, and crucially gives them a chance to engage with the biggest operators. 

Our expectation for the program is that it keeps bringing in high-quality studios. Slotmill and Reloaded Gaming, for example, are two studio partners we’re very excited about, and both have been well received. In addition, some partners hold hugely interesting IP. For example, one of our new Ignite partners holds the license to create NASCAR products – something that we believe will be fantastically well received in North America. 

SBC: Is there an expectation that any more markets regulate iGaming in North America, rather than the focus on sports betting currently?

SP: It is unlikely that we’ll see any key markets regulate this year, as we’re already nearly halfway through and there’s no real conversation surrounding legalized iGaming. However, in 2024 we may see some big states go live, including New York, as well as potentially Iowa or Indiana. It’s something that has been a slightly more tentative process than legalized sports betting, but we’re confident that next year will see more states legislate for iGaming. 

SBC: What are you most looking forward to at the upcoming SBC Summit North America event?

SP: We’re very much looking forward to SBC Summit North America. With the event quickly establishing itself as a staple in the industry calendar, the opportunity to meet operators and suppliers who both see the key market opportunity naturally creates a great show!

As well as engaging with the exciting panels and exhibitors, we’re also thrilled to be hosting an event at Yankee Stadium to kickstart the week, which will see us engage with plenty of industry friends.

It’s another great opportunity to see current partners, meet up with potential new business, and further improve understanding of the challenges and opportunities in North America and establish ourselves as the number one aggregator in the market!


The SBC Summit North America conference and tradeshow takes place at the Meadowlands Exposition Center, New Jersey on May 9-11, 2023, and features a speaker lineup comprising 300 renowned sports betting and iGaming industry experts. Click here to book your event pass