BetRivers extends Squares games series to NBA fixtures

Image: Shutterstock

Rush Street Interactive has confirmed the extension of its BetRivers Square sports betting game to NBA games, citing the ‘enormous popularity’ of its other editions. 

Following on from its BetRivers and PlaySugarHouse NFL Squares games, RSI is launching its NBA game which will follow the same format as its NFL namesake. 

Players can choose from several squares which represent a combination of final scores and contains two single-digit integers. If the player, for example, selected a square with ‘2’ on the bottom and ‘8’ on the top, it will win if the visitors’ final score ends in a ‘2’ and the home ends with a score ending with an ‘8’. 

Rewarding high-value players, RSI is allowing BetRivers users who bet over $20 or more on Squares a random square for free, whilst those who bet over $50 earn a second free square. Bettors can earn a third free square if they bet over $100. 

“With the fast pace style of play and high scoring of NBA games this season, our Basketball Squares game will offer RSI’s bettors a thrilling experience and exciting way to win more,” said Richard Schwartz, CEO at RSI. 

“Compared to football, there are more lead changes and scoring swings in basketball, which will make watching fourth-quarter action even more engaging for our bettors this season.”

Rush Street noted that the rollout of basketball Squares to ‘further engage’ with bettors who enjoy in-game wagering, citing that in-play betting is ‘fashionable’ amongst NBA audiences.