Compliable brings employee licensing platform to Pennsylvania

Image: Shutterstock

Compliable has introduced a solution to allow operators to adopt a streamlined employee licensing process for its platform in Pennsylvania.

Using the Compliable platform, employees can now apply for the relevant license with the necessary forms and then submit the data to SLOTS Links, Pennsylvania’s gambling license portal. 

Aiming to reduce the ‘burdensome and time-consuming task’ of licensing for employees, Compliable now offers employees the chance to leverage licensing efforts across multiple states, whilst employers can track licensing progress in Pennsylvania to optimize the process. 

Chris Oltyan, CEO at Compliable, said: “We are thrilled to announce this evolution of the Compliable platform to now support Pennsylvania which sees us provide our efficiencies of scaling and increased visibility through our licensing technology, benefitting anyone looking to gain accreditation in the state.”

Compliable was formed back in 2020 and its platform lets operators and suppliers leverage technology to manage employee licenses across multiple jurisdictions in a bid to optimize the compliance division of companies.

Oltyan added: “We built our platform to make licensing easier for everyone and we are pleased to now support licensing through a state portal. We welcome the challenge to build similar technology to support the industry moving towards a more efficient licensing process across multiple jurisdictions.”