All-in Diversity Project welcomes All-Index 2023 entries

All-in Diversity Project has opened up its All-Index 2023 for entries from global companies in the betting and gaming space
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All-in Diversity Project has opened up its All-Index 2023 for entries from global companies in the betting and gaming space.

Running for its fourth consecutive year, the All-Index is an annual survey for companies to complete measuring its diversity, equity and inclusion measures and initiatives to gauge how the industry holistically performs.

All-Index returns for 2023 

Each company is rated on a scale of 1-100, said to be used for strategic and stakeholder planning and benchmarking, while the company creates a report that paints a picture of the industry in terms of DEI performance.

Kelly Kehn, Co-Founder of All-In Diversity, told SBC Americas: “Our work is incredibly important to companies investing in Diversity Equality and Inclusion across their businesses as well as the industry at large. The All-Index benchmarking survey serves a number of purposes.

“It is a tool for individual businesses to measure demographics as well as practice and policy that support their investment into DEI. Those that participate year over year receive an analysis on their progress as well as their score. 

“The data each company provides feeds our annual report that paints a picture for our global industry. This can be an important starting point for those organizations just starting to plan a DEI strategy. It’s also very important for those who are further along and need a tried and tested benchmark. Finally, it’s a mark of excellence for those putting a focus on DEI and constant improvement.”

2022 findings

The 2022 report was broken down into five sections – People, Recruitment, From Policy to Practice, Training & Support, and Participant Scores. 

In terms of scoring, Sky Sports and Betting topped the leaderboard, scoring 85 out of 100 points. Second place went to Kindred with 79 points, and IGT rounded out the top three with 78 points. Only 12 of the 40 companies surveyed scored above 50.

Three key global trends were identified from the annual report, too. These include the introduction of Gen Z into the workforce and how businesses adapt to get the best out of them, whilst making themselves attractive to work for; the ‘Great Resignation’ phenomenon whereby people are evaluating what they want out of their careers; and a focus on women making it to senior management roles within businesses.

One of the notable findings from 2022 was that the gender employment gap is widening across the industry, shifting from a 50-50 split of representation, to 56% of employees in the industry being male, compared to 43% female.

Next research focus

Whilst these factors will once again be evaluated in the 2023 edition of the All-Index report, it has been revealed that further research will be conducted on other DEI areas as All-in Diversity Project aims to deliver a holistic view of the industry. 

Kehn revealed: “This year, as the industry progresses and with more regulation happening across the world, we’ve added more questions around ethnicity within businesses as well as deeper dives into executive and non-executive board makeup.”

Entries for the All-Index will remain open until March 31, 2023 and is free for all participants, so long as they operate within the global betting and gaming industry. 

Concluding her address to companies, Kehn remarked: “The more companies that get involved help us paint a clearer picture for how we, as an industry, operate. More involvement helps us uncover innovative practices that can be shared with the wider world and bring to light the connection between inclusive companies and commercial success.”