Kinectify highlights AML efforts for Caesars Southern Indiana

Caesars Southern Indiana AML study
Image: Shutterstock

Caesars Southern Indiana and Kinectify decided to quantify exactly how much productivity the casino saved after working with Kinectify.

The partnership was a new venture for the property, which had previously handled anti-money laundering purely in-house. While the casino still bears the Caesars name, it is actually owned by the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians (EBCI). The tribe purchased the property in September 2021 and licenses the Caesars brand name.

During this transition, EBCI brought in Kinectify to help streamline their AML efforts.

“Our relationship with Kinectify has brought enormous value to our team,” said Tonda Rector, head of regulatory compliance for CSI. “The Kinectify user interface is intuitive and easy to use. It saves my team hours of work on integrations and workflows for each KYC review as we assess regulatory actions, watchlists, litigation, media, and other factors that present a risk to our organization.”

The full report quantified Rector’s statement in measurable terms. For example, the average investigation time on a case went from eight hours to just 45 minutes.

Human response was not the only area where there were improvements. Automation on processes also helped markedly improve efficiencies.

The player pool of 620,000 profiles are now evaluated for risk in a fully automated way. Additionally, Kinectify centralized the process of gathering and storing data into a single database.

“Looking back, we are delighted we selected Kinectify to increase CSI’s efficiency and capabilities for AML compliance,” said Scott Barber, CEO of ECBI Holdings. “By providing our organization with clear visibility on AML compliance, the EBCI leadership team is now confident that their AML resources are being appropriately and effectively managed.”