Sportradar Virtual Stadium introduced for World Cup sportsbook connectivity

Sportradar is introducing ‘Sportradar Virtual Stadium’ to help sportsbooks connect with bettors and enhance UX for the FIFA World Cup.
Image: Shutterstock

Sportradar is introducing a new artificial intelligence and machine learning-driven social engagement solution called ‘Sportradar Virtual Stadium’ to help sportsbooks connect with bettors and enhance the user experience for the FIFA World Cup.

Available to operators worldwide, Sportradar Virtual Stadium will act as a place for bettors to socialize and share the live sports experience with their peers, whether it be betting content, pre-match build-up, or action taking place on the pitch.

The social interaction space for bettors will help sportsbooks achieve a “deeper understanding of customer behavior”, as well as promote their online communities.

“Built upon our more than 20 years of experience in the data space and an unrivaled tech stack, the Sportradar Virtual Stadium solution is helping operators maximize the full commercial potential of this winter’s global soccer tournament,” commented Blaz Zitnik, Managing Director, Betting Entertainment Tools at Sportradar.

Sportradar describes their new Sportradar Virtual Stadium as the first engagement solution to feature game-specific chat rooms for upcoming and live matches, free-to-play betting, fan polls, and “cheer-meters” that reveal how fans are reacting during matches.

To be run on a sportsbook’s homepage with sport-specific betting content, the solution promises to provide “a personalized betting experience, allowing operators to choose which social components to include in their set-up and tailor the contents to the interests and preferences of their customer base”. 

Zitnik added: “By combining innovative engagement tools with deep end-user insights, operators can deliver a personalized soccer experience that engages their customers for longer periods of time and increases loyalty.”

Earlier this week, Sportradar published its Q3 2022 financial results where it celebrated its US operations producing a profitable quarter for the first time.