Kindred: Harmful gambling revenue share reaches 3.8% in Q3

Kindred reports that its harmful gambling revenue share reached 3.8% in Q3, the highest the percentage has been since the turn of the year.
Image: Kindred

Kindred has reported that its harmful gambling revenue share has increased to 3.8% in the third quarter of 2022, and its improvement effect after interventions has decreased to 82.6%.

The group has also begun a new collaboration with EPIC Risk Management to “enhance strategic partnerships to propel early intervention”.

In Q3, Kindred’s share of revenue from harmful gambling was 3.8% (Q2: 3.3%), the highest the percentage has been since the turn of the year (Q4 2021: 4%).

Meanwhile, the improvement effect after interventions has also declined compared to the previous quarter to 82.6% (Q2: 84.7%).

The group noted that it has improved its efforts to reduce harmful gambling revenue by further developing automated technological solutions that can detect and engage with customers at risk at an earlier stage.

Kindred has acknowledged that while achieving 0% revenue from harmful gambling will be “challenging”, it is “fully dedicated” to accomplishing this goal.

As a result, the group will keep working on shortening the time from detection to intervention to help customers stay in control, invest and collaborate further with researchers to understand gambling behaviors, ensure control tools are visible and used correctly, and improve transparency and knowledge sharing across all areas.

“We have not seen a desired sequential development this quarter, however, we have taken significant steps forward since launching our ambition in 2021,” commented Henrik Tjärnström, CEO of Kindred Group.

“We have strengthened internal processes and aligned operations to continue our Journey towards Zero revenue from harmful gambling. 

“We will continue to improve our technology and processes so that we increase our efficiency and speed in detecting and engaging with customers at risk. We know this has a positive effect. For the third quarter, almost 83 percent of detected customers improved their behavior after we reached out to them.”

Kindred partners with EPIC Risk Management

In line with its goal to reach 0% revenue from harmful gambling, Kindred has also partnered with EPIC Risk Management in Q3 to “analyze and improve human intervention mechanisms”. 

Through EPIC’s extensive knowledge and lived experience, Kindred aims to better place manual interventions and motivate customers to bet healthily.

“I am delighted to be renewing and extending our partnership with Kindred over the next three years,” stated Dan Spencer, Director of Safer Gambling, EPIC Risk Management.

“Kindred were the first operator that we worked with, and they continue to show their commitment towards player protection by placing value in lived experience voices.

“Kindred have shown great ambition in reducing revenue from high-risk players and this partnership will ensure that EPIC remain part of that journey by providing industry-leading consultation services.”

Tjärnström added: “We are on a long-term journey and our commitment goes beyond the end of 2023, but collaborations here and now like the one with EPIC are crucial for our future progress. They provide unique insights from which we can learn the best approach to manage gambling-related harm from an individual perspective.

“We have always emphasized how important our work with stakeholders from research, treatment centers, and lived experience is. The collaboration with EPIC continues to highlight how these collaborations can help us reach our customers in a better way. I am grateful and proud to have this long-term collaboration with EPIC Risk Management.”