FanDuel extends deal with Spotify’s The Ringer to include FanDuel TV integration

FanDuel has agreed to a multi-year partnership extension with Spotify, which will see the sportsbook invest further into The Ringer.
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FanDuel has agreed to a multi-year partnership extension with Spotify, which will see the sportsbook invest further into The Ringer including integrating the show into its FanDuel TV network.

The new deal comes as the 2022-2023 NBA season gets underway, and will see FanDuel showcase The Ringer’s Bill Simmons’ favorite NBA picks from his annual Over/Under podcast in its sportsbook.

“Our partnership with Spotify and The Ringer has been a cornerstone of our success in placing FanDuel at the intersection of sports and sports wagering content,” commented Mike Raffensperger, Chief Commercial Officer of FanDuel.

“Bill and his talented team at The Ringer bring an authenticity and credibility that FanDuel has enjoyed for years, and we’re excited to expand and continue for several more.” 

FanDuel’s new deal with Spotify expands on its previous agreement, which includes four years of partnership. The sportsbook will remain the exclusive sports betting partner of The Ringer.

The extension also introduces several new elements to the collaboration including featured bets, increased podcast integrations and presenting sponsorships, local sports podcasts, content creation, call-to-action (CTA) cards, enhanced social media engagement, and the previously mentioned FanDuel TV integration.

“The Ringer’s ongoing partnership with FanDuel continues to grow and develop in new and exciting ways,” added Geoff Chow, Managing Director for The Ringer.

“We’re thrilled to be continuing to work with a partner that so fully understands us and encourages our continued efforts to innovate and experiment.” 

New elements in FanDuel’s partnership with Spotify’s The Ringer

Looking deeper into the new elements of the partnership extension, featured bets will see Simmons and other Ringer talent design featured bets and promotions for their audiences on their podcasts and social content to be utilized on the FanDuel Sportsbook.

FanDuel will also integrate more Ringer sports content across its brand, including featured segments, presenting sponsorships, and Spotify Originals The Bill Simmons Podcast, The Ryen Russillo Podcast, The Ringer NFL Show, and The Ringer NBA Show on a rotating basis.

The sportsbook will also stream The Ringer’s local sports podcasts from New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, and Boston to “connect more deeply with sports fans” and their hometown teams.

The Ringer’s talent will also collaborate with FanDuel on authentic sports content across various channels to maximize moments in the sporting calendar and further discuss their bets. 

CTA cards will be run alongside podcasts to make their ads interactive – seeable and clickable – for the first time, and licensed Ringer video content across their catalog of various sports podcasts will be syndicated on FanDuel TV as well.