New York mobile sports betting handle low despite NFL return

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New York’s mobile sports betting handle in September hasn’t come close to what the market was achieving in January, despite the return of the NFL and college football seasons.

However, the numbers New York State Gaming Commission is reporting for September are an uptick compared to the previous month in terms of handle, GGR, and taxes, with new records set in the latter two categories.

In its monthly report, the commission declared a handle for September of $1.26bn, an improvement on August’s $872m, but nowhere near the figures of $1.39bn in April or the $1.6bn produced when the state’s market first opened back in January.

September’s $1.26bn handle did, however, result in a new record $143.3m GGR for New York’s mobile sports betting operators, a significant increase on the previous month’s $99.6m whilst also beating the previous best revenue month of January’s $124.1m.

With a 51% tax rate, a record high of $73m was paid to the state as well, beating August’s $50.7m and surpassing the previous best of $63.3m set back in January.

While numbers have improved upon the summer’s lull with the return of NFL and college football seasons at the beginning of the month, September didn’t deliver the big handle many expected for New York given how well its mobile market opened at the start of the year.

Per operator, FanDuel led the way during the month in terms of handle and GGR ($499.8m handle, $65.6m GGR).

However, DraftKings did manage to close the gap to FanDuel in terms of handle ($422.2m handle, $44.8m GGR), with Caesars Sportsbook being the only other operator to achieve over $150m in handle ($163.1m handle, $18.5m GGR).