Phil Gelvan: ‘Dark Horse’ White Hat Gaming coming forward in US market

White Hat Gaming has been ‘relatively successful’ in the US market in recent times from a position as a ‘dark horse’, according to its CEO, Phil Gelvan.

Speaking to Square In The Air at ICE 2022, Gelvan outlined the company’s highlights in its US expansion strategy whilst hinting that more is to come. He pointed toward the company’s focus on ‘transaction throughputs, stability, absolute compliance, and responsible gaming, and protecting its consumers’ in playing a key role in its increasing reputation in the US. 

He remarked: “All of those things have built us up into where we are now. We were somewhat of a dark horse a few months ago but we’ve really come forward in the US market where we’ve been, I think, relatively successful. 

“We have got a nice deal with Penn (National Gaming) and Barstool and we’ve done a second deal with MaximBet, who is a very exciting – a great brand – and we have some other very interesting prospects in the US market.” 

Behind White Hat’s recent success, Gelvan outlined, is the people the firm has hired and the technology it has managed to build.

He described the ‘metamorphosis’ that the company has gone through to further its interests in the US and overcome ‘regulatory headwinds’ in Europe. 

Gelvan added: “We’ve got technology that’s really solid, we’ve spent many years building up our own proprietary platform that covers just about the whole player journey.

“It’s really good, modern technology by a bunch of people that we are really proud of. We have got a technical team that are as good as you can get anywhere in the world and we are a really tight bunch. We work hard and we play hard. We enjoy what we do and we are really passionate about all sorts of things within the business.”

White Hat has signed several US deals in recent months via White Hat Studios, including with Tipico US, Resort Digital Gaming and BetMGM.