Aurum Solutions: North America presents enormous business opportunity

Aurum Solutions CEO Phil Hall has highlighted North America as an ‘enormous opportunity’ for its business as the firm seeks to grow in the market.

As a software management company, Aurum Solutions helps igaming businesses with their data-driven technology, assisting clients in facilitating and managing their data to help businesses run their finance sectors efficiently. 

Speaking at last year’s SBC Summit North America, Hall emphasized Aurum’s intentions of expanding into North America as they see the market as a real opportunity. 

“I think the opportunity to come to North America has been quite insightful and especially because gaming is new to the US and I think it’s an enormous opportunity,” stated Hall. 

“Over the past few years, I think Aurum has taken an enormous foothold in gaming in Europe. We see it as an enormous opportunity now in the US so we’re very serious about coming to the US. We do have some clients now in North America and the idea is to really focus on that expansion in the next 12 months going into 2022 and beyond.” 

Hall also spoke on the relationship with SBC and the opportunities the North America Summit has afforded Aurum in terms of their intended expansion into the US. 

“We’ve been part of the SBC family if you like for a few years now. We’ve sponsored and attended many events. We’ve found it extremely good and profitable for Aurum and felt like this was the ideal opportunity to really kick start our business development here in North America.”

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