One year into his role as President of the American Gaming Association, Bill Miller has made it his mission to ensure that gaming has “a seat at the table”, something which he vowed to never give back.

In his lead interview for SBC Leaders magazine, which is available to read here, Miller reflected on the AGA’s response to the pandemic before highlighting its efforts on environmental, social and corporate governance which he believes will help push the industry forward. 

Miller was joined by a whole host of leaders from the gambling industry, many of whom were focused on US market developments. 

A round table discussion between PlayStar’s Adam Noble and Allan Petrilli, VP of sales and growth at Intelitics, assesses whether New Jersey should be taking fleeting glances over its shoulder as more states begin to embrace online gambling.

Jeff Ifrah, the Founding Member and Managing Partner of Ifrah Law, explained why he believes the last two years have changed the industry considerably, with more changes on the horizon as more states begin to mull over gambling legislation.

Read what the panellists at our SBC Summit Latinoamérica had to say when discussing the prospects for new South American markets and why regulating the continent’s gaming industry will help create a global gaming force to rival any mature market. 

Lotteries are placed under the spotlight as they start to bounce back from the impacts of the pandemic, while our payments section analyses whether NFTs are a new frontier for fan engagement.

Issue 18 of SBC Leaders Magazine is available to read HERE