StatHero launches PARLAYS on its flagship head-to-head DFS game

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Image: Shutterstock

StatHero, the fast-growing Daily Fantasy Sports app, has added a PARLAYS component to its flagship head-to-head DFS game.

Playable in 34 states, the app enables DFS players to go head-to-head against house line-ups instead of engaging in short-odds contests with unknown users. 

According to the firm, it’s a “never-before-seen innovation” for the fantasy sports and sports betting hybrid, with players clocking a well over 50% winning percentage, leading to a 400% month-over-month growth in deposits. 

PARLAYS allows players to choose two or three H2H line-ups with a handful of players and multiply their payouts. They can be played in MLB, NFL, NBA, PGA Tour, NHL, and NCAA Football.

StatHero Founder Jason Jaramillo said: “With StatHero’s PARLAYS gameplay, daily fantasy players have larger odds to double down on their fantasy skill. Our team has worked tirelessly to provide players with something that has never been seen before in the fantasy space. When people take a look at what we’re doing, they’re going to really notice how different we are.”

StatHero house line-ups are displayed ahead of time, so players have the ability to study the line-ups they’ll be going against, or even buy insurance against potential injuries before game time. Additionally, the gaming app’s design is simple enough for a casual player to jump right in and take advantage of the unique gameplay.