SBC Webinars: The future of on-boarding customers in the US igaming sector

Image source: SBC Events

With the ever-changing igaming landscape in the US, it can be incredibly useful for an operator to know what to expect when it comes to the developing regulatory environment, and the technology needed to meet these requirements. 

To help offer some guidance around those issues, SBC Webinars is teaming up with identity verification experts Onfido tomorrow (27/07) at 9am Eastern (2pm BST) to present ‘Expanding Horizons – Where will iGaming be in 5 years?’. 

The panel, comprising Danny Hakimian (Business Development Lead, Onfido) and Alex Ursa (Senior Product Director, FanDuel) will attempt to predict the future on a number of important topics around existing and expanding in the US sports betting and igaming space. 

Drawing on their individual technical expertise they will discuss where they see the industry heading in the next five years. How many states will have legalized the industry? Will this migrate US-based players back from offshore sites? How should an operator combat fraud? And will regulation make certain technologies necessary when it comes to identity?

Expect a product-heavy look at the past, present and future of the US regulatory environment in the context of on-boarding customers including: how the regulatory environment will develop, what technologies will become necessary with regards to identity verification and how to ensure you’re on-boarding customers in the right location, and of the right age. 

The panel will also lay out how to expand into new states as they’re legalized, and discuss how to navigate friction during this process. 

Finally, Onfido and SBC Webinars will compare and contrast the US space to more mature markets in the UK and the rest of Europe, discuss whether they’ll be comparable in five years, and then make their predictions on what a market leader will look like by then. 

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