Sportradar launches emBET to integrate live betting content into real-time OTT streaming

Image source: Shutterstock

Sports betting and sports entertainment firm Sportradar has revealed the launch of emBET, described as an industry-first product that integrates live betting content into OTT streaming in real-time. 

emBET combines all of Sportradar’s key strengths – including data, odds, insights and advertising – into one product. The aim is to keep sports fans engaged with content for longer by informing them of the latest betting information and allowing them to place wagers with betting operators during the live competition while watching.

Sportradar created emBET in partnership with LiveLike, a leading technology company that transforms passive audiences into engaged communities through interactive experiences and gamification features available via its software development kit. 

Broadcasters’ direct-to-consumer channels evolve into revenue generating platforms with emBET by optimizing the integration of betting operator partnerships. In the process, this allows them to directly benefit from the growing US sports betting market. 

Likewise, emBET promotes additional wagering opportunities and more effective manners of customer acquisition and retention for betting companies who are featured within the application.

Sportradar US CEO Arne Rees said: “With audience consumption habits shifting dramatically, it’s more important than ever to create a dynamic viewing experience built on rich data and featuring compelling content. Doing so eliminates the need for fans to turn to second screens or competing channels, while also bringing in new streams of revenue.

“As a global supplier of sports betting services and with more than 15 years’ experience in OTT, Sportradar has the technology and expertise to deliver a significant product to help broadcasters and rights holders maximize the sports betting opportunity in the US.”

An additional benefit of emBET is its ease of integration, having been designed to be customizable in order to address the habits and behaviours of particular viewing audiences. It is also extremely configurable, allowing emBET to seamlessly plug into existing video players, resulting in the ability to get it up and running quickly and smoothly.

According to the firm, the convergence of media and betting has been an interesting storyline to follow in the US market. It noted“Our emBET announcement is a significant industry development in this area, as the product is making it easier than ever for broadcasters/rights holders to add live betting content/data into media streams in real-time. 

“With the US recently clearing the 50% mark of states that have a legalized betting framework, we’re going to see more betting content naturally embedded into the sports experience. emBET is a key building block to facilitating this, due to ease of integration and the ability to customize.”