Intelics and StatMuse form strategic AI partnership in US and global sports betting space

Image source: Shutterstock

Performance marketing and analytics platform provider Intelitics has agreed a strategic partnership with StatMuse to become the artificial intelligence company’s exclusive monetization partner in the US and international betting space.

Under the partnership, the former will manage the latter’s betting-focused monetization by negotiating and managing relationships with operators via its Performance Marketing division. 

According to Intelitics, the partnership provides an opportunity to cement Statmuse as a major partner to betting brands across the US, and globally. In addition, Intelitics CEO Allan Stone will be added to the StatMuse Advisory Board.

Backed by Disney and Google, StatMuse is a leader in conversational search for sports stats and information. Its search platform provides instant answers to trillions of sports questions, turning every search result into a piece of personalized content. 

After a year of significant growth, where the company experienced more than 225 million organic search impressions despite a temporary shutdown of the sports industry, the firm is now looking to scale its monetization in the betting space. 

Intelitics will, it said, help StatMuse identify and secure premium and unique opportunities in regulated sports betting states, as well as US-wide for daily fantasy sports. 

The deal also bolsters Intelitics’ performance marketing business with additional growth expected over the coming months with more deals in the pipeline and further investment into its technology and platform. 

Stone said: “This is a milestone deal for both parties. For StatMuse, it means the monetization of its traffic in the betting space for the first time now that they’ve reached significant scale, while for Intelitics it further strengthens our leading performance marketing division. 

“Legal sports betting is growing at a rapid pace across the US and this deal will allow StatMuse to leverage and monetize its traffic through partnerships that maximize the value of their traffic. For us, it further positions Intelitics as the marketing partner of choice in the betting space.” 

Eli Dawson, Co-founder and CEO of StatMuse, said: “After a banner last 12 months, we’ve emerged as the definitive leader in search for sports stats and information. Our direct traffic to has reached global scale with weekly visitors from 200+ countries, our branded content is loved by both fans and stars alike, and our Sports Search API now powers stats and info for NBA, NFL and NHL teams. 

“We’re excited for the next phase of the business as we begin to monetize our high volume and high value sports traffic, whilst legal sports betting continues its roll out across North America.”