FSB meets GLI 33 integrity standards ahead of US debut

GLI 33

Multi-channel sportsbook technology provider FSB has received GLI 33 certification by Gaming Labs International for its sports betting platform. 

FSB has completed the pre-compliance testing of its products and services against GLI 33 Event Wagering Systems standards, setting itself up to enter the US market in 2021.

The standards, while not a replacement for the requirements that must be met in each regulated state, ensure that platform providers are meeting the highest possible integrity standards and will help to expedite the approval process in each state that FSB enters. 

Bob Akeret, unveiled just last month as FSB’s new Vice President Operations for North America, said: “We are delighted to have received Gaming Laboratories International GLI 33 certification for our sportsbook platform, proving that we are meeting the highest integrity standards ahead of our debut in the US market.

“Approval for our certification was quick and straight-forward and that’s a real testament to the technical capacity of our highly evolved platform.” 

Dave McDowell, CEO at FSB, added: “Gaining GLI 33 certification is another milestone for FSB. We see huge potential for our various products and services in the US and this certification gives us the platform to prove our technologies can meet the exact needs of operators and players across North America. It all points to an exciting 2021.”