FSB’s Head of Trading Mark Wilson states the case for hybrid trading as an essential tool in the box for operators.

Mark Wilson, Head of Trading, FSB

Being flexible. It’s easy to say, but it’s harder to prove. At FSB we truly try to offer our partners as much choice as possible and that’s definitely the case on our trading desk where our hybrid trading solution has proved popular since we launched it in 2016.

Hybrid trading is a combination of our team trading the books for an operator, a Managed Trading Service, and the operator taking the keys and trading a specific sport or sports independently on our platform.

For some operators it’s the perfect blend of efficiency and control. Here are five reasons why you need to be aware of it.

It allows you to define an exact scale that works for you

It doesn’t matter whether you have a trading team of two or 20, we can provide the ideal solution for you to make sure all bases are covered. FSB can plug the trading gaps on certain sports so you can manage your scale as you see fit rather than having to take a full MTS and let go of control. It’s the perfect middle-ground.

It gives you the independence to take charge of your core product

You may be an operator with strong trading expertise in US sports but no real experience in the longer-tail European events.

This is where FSB can come in and provide a full service on those sports and allow you to focus on what you’re good at while still offering your users a comprehensive global sportsbook.

Hybrid trading can differentiate you from other operators on the same platform

While an MTS solution is perfect for some operators, others may be looking to use pricing to differentiate their offer – that’s where hybrid trading comes in. Taking the hybrid option allows you to take complete control over pricing on the sports that you trade.

This sets you apart from other operators on the same platform and allows you to create bespoke markets, make your own decisions on margins and handicap lines and carve brand identity through independent pricing on your host sport(s).

“Our platform allows you to monitor and analyse real-time data to refine your trading strategy

Data feed optimisation as well as trading control

At FSB we’re passionate about using multiple data feeds to create market-leading pricing models. Our MTS clients get full use of these models through our pricing but taking the hybrid trading option allows you to take charge of these raw data feeds to create your
own odds.

It may be that you want to plug in a specific feed on a specific sport that’s different from the data we use in our MTS solution. It’s all possible with hybrid trading.

Full backend access to drive your pricing

Even if you use the hybrid trading option for just one sport and allow FSB to trade the rest you’ll still have full, transparent access to our vast backend. Our platform allows you to monitor and analyse real-time data to refine and optimise your trading strategy on your host sport and to work with our trading team to review and factor customers. Again, giving you full control where you want it and letting us take care of the rest.

Want to know more about hybrid trading? Drop FSB’s Business Development Director Rob Wheeler an email at [email protected] to find out more.