Matteo Carli, IGT SVP Global PlaySports, ETG, Poker, has welcomed fresh developments in Canada that could lead to the legalization of single event sports betting there. 

For two and a half years the sports betting spotlight has shone brightly on the fast-moving and highly competitive US market. Commercial agreements, state-by-state legislation and technology advancements continue to command the attention of those of us in the sector. This month however, our attention has been drawn north to Canada, a country where only wagering on parlays of two or more events is currently permitted. 

Should the Canadian government amend the criminal code to allow single-game wagering, IGT will join sports fans throughout Canada in celebrating the new law, and operators in embracing its prosperous business and engagement opportunities.

IGT is no stranger to the Canadian gaming and lottery market. In fact, we are the region’s leading gaming and lottery supplier across many categories. This includes the largest VLT footprint, video lottery and casino systems technology, casino gaming machines, igaming, class II and hybrid bingo and poker content and connectivity, omnichannel jackpots and more. 

We have decades of experience in every Canadian province with regulated gaming and share the operators’ commitment to responsible gaming and corporate social responsibility. 

In anticipation of sports betting expansion in Canada, we have met with IGT customers throughout Canada to gain their insights on how they wish to develop their sports betting programs, and to illuminate how our omnichannel, customizable PlaySports solutions and turnkey trading services can quickly be implemented to enhance their gaming offering. 

The PlaySports team also highlights the vast portfolio of PlaySports self-service betting technologies that can help patrons in the retail sports betting environment stay engaged while also adhering to social distancing mandates. These technologies can also accommodate a range of betting preferences including anonymous, semi-anonymous and account-based wagering, an in-demand option for lotteries.

In a year full of unprecedented circumstances, the 2020 legalization of single-game sports betting in Canada would be a welcome plot twist. With ever-growing sports betting markets in New York, Delaware and Michigan, it’s no wonder that vastly populated provinces such as Ontario have voiced their support for expanded sports betting. 

We’re optimistic about the sports betting opportunities in Canada and believe that our long-time customers across the country can leverage our PlaySports solution to drive growth, engage new players, and foster greater patron loyalty.