Edison Interactive (EI), a software provider that builds Internet of Things (IoT) and Digital-out-of-Home (DOOH) solutions, has entered into a partnership agreement with sports betting tech platform BettorView

BettorView Live is an interactive video conferencing platform solution that increases fan engagement via watch parties adjacent to stats, betting odds, and other sports-centric infotainment. 

The platform was designed to complement in-home viewing of live sports with a focus on betting statistics, while also allowing fans to connect with other fans in a forum setting. The result is a watch party experience that presents fan engagement solutions, with an emphasis on the growing demand for betting content and information. 

BettorView creates and optimizes new revenue streams for its igaming and food delivery partners as they seek differentiated ways to engage users. The company is currently in 1,000 venues nationwide with partners including Hooters, Bowlero, DraftKings, and William Hill, among others.

“For the past few years, BettorView has been powering a transformation in sports engagement through our partnerships,” said Co-Founder Seth Schorr. “Our mission is rooted in creating innovative and exciting ways for fans to engage with their favorite sports, teams and leagues, no matter where they are watching games. 

“Our joint venture with Edison Interactive – who are market disruptors in the development of video conference, IoT and DOOH digital solutions, allows us to bring BettorView Live as a winning solution for sports leagues, teams, fans and sportsbook operators.

“BettorView Live and our rebrand from KonekTV to BettorView reinforce our longstanding commitment to innovating sports engagement, and optimizing how sports betting complements this engagement.”

Jeremy Ostermiller, CEO and co-founder, Edison Interactive, believes that professional leagues are facing numerous challenges such as empty stadiums, revenue loss and disruption to fan engagement, among more. 

He stated: “We are excited to partner with BettorView as we are equally committed to solving some of these issues. Both companies have a wealth of experience and knowledge in addition to delivering forward-thinking technology solutions in the sports industry. I have no doubt that together, we have created a solution that is instrumental for the future of sports.” 

The platform is easily accessible for consumers, allowing them to maximize the in-home experience. Whether by integrating livestreams directly into the watch party, or serving as the ideal second screen experience, sports fans can now cheer along with fellow fans, while gaining access to both must-have stats and access to food delivery. 

It also facilitates fan connection, whether in a private watch party room with friends and family, a watch party with millions of fans hosted by a celebrity fan or a VIP-only virtual offseason event. 

Education and gamification are also featured via stats, analytics, and odds, in a variety of forms, to educate fans on fantasy sports and betting, allowing them to gamify their viewing of live sports. The platform also allows sports leagues and teams, and sportsbook operators, to raise awareness and educate their fan base about sports betting.

“We are providing major sports leagues from all over the world a solution that will positively enhance the customer experience in addition to having easy access to new and essential tools to optimize revenue,” added Edison’s CRO and Co-Founder, Nick Stanitz-Harper. “BettorView Live meets their demands of today, and the platform will continue to support sports organizations to scale in the future.”

The next phase of the product will include direct integration into partners’ apps and allow for live streaming of professional sports games.