The Hipódromo de Palermo in Buenos Aires will restart its races on August 28, after five months with no activity due to the expansion of COVID in Argentina. The races will be carried out without the presence of the public and take place during daytime hours.

Federico Spangember, manager of the racecourse, confirmed to the news agency Télam that the races will take place behind closed doors and that the horses housed in the Hipódromo’s stalls won’t be able to participate.

In addition, the operating hours in the City of Buenos Aires’ racecourse will be temporarily reduced, and activities will only take place with natural light.

Spangember explained that the horses can only stay in the facility during the races, but won’t be allowed to stay afterwards to prevent more people from entering the track.

The casinos and the Palermo racecourse in the national capital were forced to close their doors in mid-March, as part of the measures that authorities implemented to prevent the spread of the virus in Argentina.

Earlier this month, Palermo executives asked the local regulator LOTBA to issue a resolution on the protocol delivered in the first week of July and urged the authorization to use an application that would allow them to take bets by phone.

Last week, they also unveiled an online gambling platform, although it’s subject to the authorization of LOTBA, as the online gambling market in the jurisdiction is yet to be launched.