DraftKings is expanding its daily fantasy sports (DFS) offerings to include the game variant Best Ball, with snake drafts according to a statement this week. The sportsbook operator has also announced a $3m marquee tournament ahead of the 2020 NFL season, with a $1m top prize. 

Marking the firm’s first foray into a season-long product, Best Ball maintains fans’ connection to the DraftKings’ fantasy sports experience, while answering to a more nostalgic, season-long form. 

The streamlined draft format removes traditional DFS roster management, enabling customers to lock in player selections at the start of the season. As major US sports leagues continue to return to the national stage, Best Ball cements DraftKings’ reputation as being in-tune with the American sports fan, and offers customers a new opportunity to engage with friends and family in the absence of in-person events and gatherings.  

Paul Liberman, Co-Founder and President, Global Technology and Product, commented: “As part of a continued commitment to putting our customers first, DraftKings Best Ball is an exciting new feature within our fantasy product that our customers have asked for.

“Leveraging in-house technology, Best Ball provides our DFS customers with a season-long option, supplementing the wide array of game types available on DraftKings. We look forward to this season of sports as our customers experience and compete under this new offering.”

Across sports and unique to the game, Best Ball involves a draft process known as a “snake draft” where pick order is reversed for each individual round. Recognized as the preferred way to draft among seasoned DFS players, an overwhelming 92% of respondents in a recent DraftKings consumer-led study reported high interest in engaging with the format. 

Currently available only for fantasy football, Best Ball will soon be available for DraftKings’ fantasy basketball and fantasy hockey as well, offering customers the opportunity to engage with daily snakes, sit-and-go’s, and larger, prized season tournaments.