Uruguayan authorities have announced that they are promoting a new structure for the horse racing sector, including more races and the inclusion of public at events.

The National Integrated Turf System (SINT), which includes four racetracks in Melo, Colonia, Paysandú and Florida, is in charge of a sanitary protocol that will be sent to the national government for approval.

The Committee of Experts of the Ministry of Public Health will analyze the protocol to see if it needs to be modified, but the gambling authorities believe that the process will run smoothly as is.

“I don’t think there will be major setbacks. They will advise the president and the minister to set a restart date,” said Gustavo Anselmi, director general of the national regulator.

Two of the racetracks, located in Maroñas and Las Piedras, restarted their races back in May, and they’re aiming to be an example for other facilities in the country. After good initial results, they hope to move forward with phase two of the reactivation process and include the public at their races.

“We sent suggestions to modify the protocol, to be analyzed by the Monitoring Commission. Basically, the changes include more than 10 races in different racetracks,” said Anselmi.

“Another modification aims for the races to take place at night, with intervals of 35 minutes between each competition. We also want owners to be able to register and access the racecourse, along with a companion.”

The protocol in Maroñas and Las Piedras includes the use of masks, testing all people who access the venue and several hygiene requirements, like the use of antibacterial gel.