As more casinos begin to open their doors in the wake of the COVID-19 lockdown, American Gaming Association President and CEO Bill Miller has urged the industry to seize the moment and be an example of inclusion and collaboration.

In a missive to stakeholders this week, he said: “In my relatively brief tenure in the gaming industry, I’ve come to appreciate, admire, and value the close-knit nature of our business. There’s no clearer example than the relationships we’ve built with communities all across the country. 

“Our industry’s presence often begins in underserved communities in need of a willing partner to kickstart their resurgence. From Boston to Tunica, Mississippi, communities across Oklahoma to Southwestern Ohio, and Detroit to Northern Nevada, we’ve contributed to the rebirth of communities, hired local, diverse workforces that reflect these communities, and thrived as a result.”

By way of a hint to past challenges and experiences, Miller stated: “In recent years, gaming has felt the sting of natural disasters and human tragedy, rebuilding each time with the fundamental belief that we are better and stronger together. Now, as economies begin to reopen, we have an opportunity and an obligation as a community engine to be the example of inclusion and collaboration once again.”

Miller also referenced the resumption of business in Nevada, adding: “I am eager to see and feel the heartbeat of American gaming, Las Vegas, shine again when Nevada casinos reopen their doors tomorrow. This can be a pivotal moment in our recovery. We must ensure that our industry’s strong history of diversity and inclusion is met with stronger resolve for an even more diverse and inclusive future for communities all across this country.”

He concluded: “Despite these trying times, I remain hopeful for our future, and confident that for our industry and our nation, brighter days are ahead.”