US Integrity launches tipline for gambling-related concerns in sport

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US Integrity has joined forces with RealResponse to create a tipline entitled ‘Athlete Alert Powered by RealResponse’, a system designed to encourage the reporting of gambling-related issues in the sporting sphere.

The tipline has been specifically set up for professional and collegiate athletes, coaches, trainers, and the support staff around them, allowing any of them affected to safely and anonymously report concerns to a safe space by texting 843-USI-TIPS (843-874-7477).

Issues could include physical threats, harm and/or emotional abuse from fans related to gambling, while the tipline also acts as an opportunity for participants to share experiences and information related to corruption and illicit activities such as match-fixing and illegal wagering.

“Athlete Alert Powered by RealResponse is simple and easy to use and it confidentially elevates the voice of professional and student-athletes and the others who are the closest to competition,” said RealResponse Founder and CEO David Chadwick

“Putting tools like 843-USI-TIPS in the hands of participants and competitors protects and enhances the integrity and purity of competition, while ensuring their anonymity and safety.”

US Integrity already has a number of direct agreements with various clubs and departments in the US, recently partnering with Virginia Tech to ensure the sporting integrity of its athletic department. 

But its latest venture with RealResponse creates a more encompassing tool that can be utilized by a larger audience.

The partnership also serves to provides those closest to athletic competitions with a direct line of communication to officials who can verify and elevate any issues that may threaten the integrity and fair play of competitions.

Matthew Holt, US Integrity Co-Founder and CEO, added: “Nothing is more important than the health and wellbeing of the professional and student-athletes who have committed their lives to compete at the highest levels, and it is our job to help protect that paradigm.

“The implementation of Athlete Alert Powered by RealResponse is another example of how we help our partners to stay one step ahead of any bad actors. An anonymous text to 843-USI-TIPS can help limit and prevent acts or threats of physical and emotional harm or intimidation – while thwarting attempts to undermine the integrity of sports competitions.”