Despite a small drop of 3.85% in gaming win revenue in Nevada during October, overall returns of $1.022bn ensured that the state was still ahead by just less than 1% year-on-year.

Football proved to be the best performer in the sports betting segment, with win reported by the Nevada Gaming Control Board as being up 131% to $26.2m from a handle of more than $355m during the month. Baseball also made a significant contribution, hauling in nearly $83m in handle, with a win of circa $11.5m. In total, Nevada sports betting handle saw an increase of 2.9% to $543.9m. 

Revenue on the Las Vegas Strip, however, was down 9.3% during the month to $538m, while downtown Las Vegas gaming win fell by 7.2% to $68m. Boulder casino gaming win was up 0.2% to $78m and Reno casino gaming was 2% higher to $53.2m.

Total slots win across the state was up 0.8% to $699m off a win percentage of 7.1%.

Games and tables win dropped 12.6% to $323M off a win percentage of 12.7%. Baccarat gaming win fell 25.7%.

Nevada Control Board analyst Michael Lawton stated: “Although this month represents a decrease, the state is still up 0.9 percent, calendar year to date, and this month represents the sixth time this calendar year that $1bn in gaming win has been recorded. This exceeds calendar year 2008 when this bellwether amount was reached five times.” 

The statewide three-month gaming win trend indicated a 2.3% increase, including a 1.7% increase on the Strip and 8.85% gain for downtown Las Vegas properties.