DraftKings favorites for New Hampshire licenses

Daily fantasy sports (DFS) and sports betting operator DraftKings looks set to be awarded licences for retail and mobile sports betting in New Hampshire.

The news follows on after 13 submissions for sports betting contracts were submitted as part of the New Hampshire Lottery’s recent request for proposals (RFP), which saw DraftKings score highest in the state’s licence tender. 

Back in September, following the revelation that New Hampshire Lottery had received a number of proposals from potential vendors and retailers looking to offer sports betting, Lottery Executive Director Charlie McIntyre stated: “We are pleased and encouraged at both the robust number of responses and the overall quality of proposals. 

“As the critical next step in the process, we look forward to reviewing each response carefully and thoroughly to ensure we can ultimately make the right decisions in launching a sports betting system that engages and protects players, while also driving crucial revenue for education in the Granite State.”

DraftKings, who already operates sportsbooks on its mobile platform and inside casinos in a number of other states where sports betting is legal, saw its proposal score highest in regards to both mobile and retail operations, totalling 810 out of 1,000.  

The score, which was based off of a criteria which comprised of hardware and software solutions, strength of sports betting services, experience, financial stability, integrity, and ethics, also saw Intralot receive the highest score for New Hampshire’s lottery component. 

Maura McCann, marketing director of New Hampshire Lottery, released a statement which read: “Sports betting represents a major next step in the New Hampshire Lottery’s evolution, and given its significance, we are pleased with the overall quality of the proposals we received. 

“We look forward to continuing the RFP process and to ultimately implementing a sports betting system that supports continued revenue growth, while also incorporating all necessary safeguards and protections for our players and retailers.”

The New Hampshire Lottery Commission, which will oversee sports betting under its Division of Sports Wagering, is expected to provide final contracts by the end of November – the terms of which will be for six years with an extension opportunity for two additional terms of two years each.

DraftKings, who partnered with Crown Gaming for its bid, proposed a revenue share agreement with the state which states that it will return 51% of sports betting gross gaming revenue (GGR) to the New Hampshire Lottery if it is granted exclusive access to offer mobile wagering in the state. 

This offer would decline to 21% if up to three companies are licensed, with a further reduction to 16% if mobile licenses are granted to between four and five operators. 

For retail, it has proposed a 40% GGR deal regardless of the number of awarded licenses, however, this is expected to rise to 50% if a contract is awarded which covers both retail and mobile.