SportsHandle and friends deliver another round-up of the week’s big developments in US sports betting.

Opinion: The War Over Sports Betting Data: Lies, Half-Truths and Statistics: Part II

Over the past several months, Sports Handle has reported extensively about the battle over sports betting data occurring across the U.S., between professional sports leagues, sportsbook operators, state legislatures and other stakeholders. This piece is opinion.

And please keep this in mind: Many operators believe that using “official” league data and/or establishing data and marketing agreements with sports leagues is, or will be, best for business. But most are opposed to being forced to obtain it — by government mandate — with costly strings attached.

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Conversation About Election Betting Resurfaces As FanDuel Signals Interest

By all accounts, betting on the U.S. presidential election is a popular activity in the regulated UK betting market, as well as through unregulated channels — largely offshore online sportsbooks — that are accessible to Americans. It makes sense, given that it happens once every four years, and the year of the election features increasingly wall-to-wall news coverage of the spectacle, which has been sportified thoroughly, especially since the invention and ubiquitous use of the television.

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Sports Betting A Better Bet In Kentucky in 2020

Kentucky lawmakers haven’t found a way to legalize sports betting since the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act was struck down by the Supreme Court in May 2018. It hasn’t been for lack of trying.

But by 2020, sports betting could get just the jolt it needs — for two reasons.  If Democratic gubernatorial candidate Andy Beshear can unseat sitting Republican Governor Matt Bevin, lawmakers would have the governor on their side. And due to an idiosyncrasy in the state constitution, revenue bills need 60 percent of the House to pass in odd-numbered years, but only 51 percent in even-numbered year.

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Searching For Sharp Baseball Bets As MLB Season Heads For Home

You know the end of the Major League Baseball season is near when little “x”s and “z”s start showing up in the standings, indicating teams have clinched division titles and playoff berths.

(You also know it’s near when the NFL regular season begins and everyone except for sports betting enthusiasts, DFS players, and fans in about 10 or 12 cities completely loses interest in baseball.)

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The Worst Of The Worst: A Look At The Largest Point Spreads In NFL History

A dreadful start by the Miami Dolphins combined with an ongoing fire sale aimed at stockpiling draft picks has left sportsbooks scurrying to determine an equitable price for Dolphins’ betting lines against the spread.

Through two games, both at home, the Dolphins have been outscored 102-10 while fielding a lineup that more closely resembles a top collegiate program from South Florida than an NFL team. With the trade of defensive back Minkah Fitzpatrick to the Steelers on Monday evening, the Dolphins have quite clearly engaged full tank mode. There are even rumblings that the team could enter rarefied air in terms of futility. In the wake of a 43-0 defeat to the Patriots last Sunday, a headline from read: The Miami Dolphins Really Want To Be The Worst Team In NFL History.

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