, a sports consulting website featuring long-time radio host Andy Slater, has announced its plans to launch to the public in September after a successful private run this summer. Lining up with the start of the college and NFL regular season, Slater’s service aims to bring unique insight to the industry with late-breaking value picks.

Over the last two decades, Slater has built up a reputation in the sports industry as a radio talk show host based in South Florida. He covers all the major sports on his weekday show, The Andy Slater Show, which is well known beyond its Miami base.

With sports betting gaining legal status in more states this year, the sports radio show and website are designed for those who want all the tips and information Slater has on upcoming games. “This is a great opportunity for not only beginners to get a feel for betting responsibly, but seasoned sports gamblers to hone their craft as much as possible,” said the company.

On signing up for on its launch, customers will have the opportunity to link their phone numbers with their accounts, allowing for text alerts as well as access to Slater’s picks by calling right before a game. 

In the next few weeks, the firm will release subscription prices for all first-time members. Discounts will be available for those who sign up for longer subscriptions, and initial pricing will depend on how many sports a person wants picks for. “This will be a year we look back and prove that pundits, radio hosts, and journalists can make a difference even in the sports gaming world,” said the company.