North Carolina could be in for a long wait to establish a state gaming commission after Senate Bill 574 met with opposition in front of a conference committee this week. The sticking point appears to be around the proposed involvement of agents employed by Alcohol Law Enforcement who are said to already be overworked. 

The Bill calls for the formation of a gaming commission to oversee gaming and sports wagering in North Carolina, subject to a full-blown study into what effect broadening out sports betting to mobile and online would have on the state.  

Last month, North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper gave the green light to allow two tribal casinos in the western side of the state to offer retail-only sports betting. 

According to, this “…non-concurrence by the Judiciary Committee is just the latest step in a long, circuitous journey to approve a new oversight board for the state’s limited gaming options”. The bill, it added, would merely restructure the state lottery, boxing, raffle and bingo regulatory agencies under one umbrella entity – for now.

The upshot for North Carolina is that while sports wagering represents a perfect opportunity to raise revenue for its coffers, the state’s long-held aversion to gambling is making some policy makers think twice about expanding any opportunities thus far.

And while there is nothing in the commission bill to suggest such an expansion, they have yet to be convinced that it is simply a legislative measure to streamline gambling activity under one regulatory body.