The American Gaming Association (AGA) has released details of its new casino, gaming and sports betting information resource, State of Play. Taking the form of an interactive map, the tool enables AGA members, the gaming industry per se and the public to quickly access information about the ‘State of Play’ of gaming across the United States.

State of Play couples national and state-by-state economic data with key regulatory and statutory gaming provisions for US gaming jurisdictions to create a ‘one-stop-shop’ for facts and data relating to the US gaming sector. 

The tool enables users to click on individual states giving them access to key statistics on numbers of commercial and tribal casinos, where allowed sports betting, taxation, regulation and economic impacts of gaming.

AGA President and CEO Bill Miller explained: “State of Play is an interactive map that couples national and state-by-state economic impact data and key regulatory and statutory gaming provisions for US gaming jurisdictions, drawing from AGA’s proprietary research including State of the States and studies of economic impacts of the commercial and tribal gaming industries.

“This new tool replaces the By the Book resource, part of our ongoing Get to Know Gaming campaign, and brings this valuable tool onto the recently-updated for ease of use. State of Play now includes downloadable economic one-pagers and regulatory fact sheets for each state.

“I encourage you to share this publicly-available resource with your colleagues, policymakers and other interested stakeholders to help communicate the gaming industry’s role as an economic leader.”