Sara Slane, formerly Senior Vice President of Public Affairs at the American Gaming Association (AGA), has been retained as a consultant by the National Hockey League (NHL) where she will advise its teams on sports betting policy.

Now fronting her own company, Slane Advisory, she has been brought in by the NHL to offer help and advice in building new partnerships with firms in the sports wagering space and understanding gaming legislation.

NHL CBO Keith Wachtel, speaking to CDC Gaming Reports, commented: “Our new partnership with Slane Advisory is another example of our commitment to working collaboratively with the sports betting industry and developing a best-in-class approach to partnerships. We need someone who understands the business and can help us and help out teams in creating partnerships and evaluating the space.”

In the wake of the strike down of PASPA, Slane has been highly vocal in opposition to issues such as the much mooted integrity fee, while simultaneously advocating a more collaborative approach between the leagues and betting companies through the formation of commercial agreements. 

In a brief statement on her new partnership, she noted: “I am thrilled and humbled to have the opportunity to execute on the business of sports betting for the NHL.”