Sports betting content specialist WagerTalk and publisher Touchdown Alabama Magazine have announced a sports wagering content partnership for the 2019-20 college football season. Under the terms of the deal, the two will collaborate on weekly articles, videos and podcast appearances that will focus on Alabama’s Crimson Tide football program and other SEC match-ups.

Billed as “Alabama’s No. 1 Source for Crimson Tide News,” Touchdown Alabama was founded by Bennie Bice III in 2007. He and his partners Brandon Williams and Cedric Mason have assembled a team of reporters and photographers that provide in-depth access to the Alabama Football program.

Founded in July 2015, WagerTalk’s team of writers, handicappers, and personalities creates sports betting content from across the globe. The brand’s YouTube channel has generated over six million views for its weekly sports betting videos. It also produces a daily radio show from ESPN Las Vegas, and publishes a series of daily podcasts.

“WagerTalk and Touchdown Alabama will be providing Alabama fans with something they are unable to get anywhere else and have never experienced before: Valuable insight from a team of experts in Las Vegas,” Bice explained. “We are looking forward to working with WagerTalk on the latest odds, predictions, betting line movement and more.”

WagerTalk’s Director of Media Relations, Kelly Stewart, added: “The knowledge and insight they (Touchdown Alabama) will provide will be very beneficial for the betting community and our viewers. We are anxiously awaiting the inside information and behind-the-scenes looks at not only Alabama, but the rest of the SEC.”