Sports betting content provider WagerTalk has confirmed its intent to acquire The Gold Sheet which, established in 1957, is the US’ longest-running sports betting newsletter. Each week, the Gold Sheet team delivers analysis on NFL and college football games, along with NBA and college basketball matchups.

For over 60 years, Gold Sheet readers have received key releases, as well as access to proprietary power rankings on all teams. The newsletter maintains in-depth point spread and results logs, giving sports bettors and enthusiasts the insight needed to maximize their wagers.

“WagerTalk is so excited about acquiring The Gold Sheet,” said the firm’s President Lawrence Prezman. “The Gold Sheet is literally the gold standard of sports betting data and has been since the 1950s. I want to reassure everyone that we will not be changing this beloved publication.”

Gold Sheet owner Rick Allec and the WagerTalk team plan to build a new mobile-optimized website featuring free content, statistics, matchup data, and odds pages in a streamlined format. In addition to the newsletter’s current offerings, the content team plans to expand its basketball, baseball, hockey and soccer coverage.

Allec commented: “I purchased my first Gold Sheet in 1989, so having the opportunity to acquire the company 30 years later is a great honor. I have worked closely with the Gold Sheet team over the years and I am excited to have our core team continue producing the content Gold Sheet readers have trusted for over five decades.”

Marco D’Angelo, Co-Founder of WagerTalk, started reading the Gold Sheet in the 1970s. “The Gold Sheet was the first betting publication I ever bought,” he said. “To have the Gold Sheet as part of the WagerTalk family is surreal for me right now. To own something that I have used my entire life could not make me happier.”

Founded in July 2015, WagerTalk’s team of writers, handicappers, and personalities creates sports betting content from across the globe. The brand’s YouTube channel has generated 5.9 million views for its weekly sports betting videos. WagerTalk produces a daily radio show from ESPN Las Vegas, and publishes a series of almost-daily podcasts.