Indiana is the latest state to bring sports betting into the light with the passage of House Bill 1015 this week. Not only will sports wagering become legal, but the state has also sanctioned the introduction of two brand new casinos.  

According to the Associated Press Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb’s signature on the bill could facilitate sports betting in the state by September. Bettors will be eligible to place wagers at a casino or on a mobile device. Betting on college sports in the state has, however, been vetoed.

Quoted by AP, Holcomb said: “Gaming is a highly regulated industry that once had little competition, but now does from surrounding states and new technology. By modernizing our laws, this legislation will spur positive economic growth for our state and for an industry that employs over 11,000 Hoosiers.”

He continued: “Additionally, it will bring in new revenue and create hundreds of new jobs, both permanent and in construction. I will direct the Indiana Gaming Commission to monitor for potential effects of this bill so that we can make necessary changes in future legislative sessions.”

The tax level for sports betting in Indiana has been set at 9.5 per cent which, it is hoped, will bring an extra $12m into the state’s coffers each year.

With regards to the proposed casino developments, there are plans for two racecourse venues to be built near Indianapolis for launch by early 2020.