has extended its series of exclusive acquisition offers, targeting baseball fans with ‘Glory Runs’ – on the back of record success for football promotion ‘Glory Goals’ in Q1. According to the firm, 82% of customers signing up via Glory Goals went on to make an additional bet beyond the free sign up bonus, recording retention rates at around double the industry average.

Glory Runs is a ‘ballpark v ballpark’ baseball runs match bet and, like Glory Goals, is priced, traded and managed in-house by the firm’s trading team, using their own proprietary technology. The promotion aims to eliminate bonus abuse by providing a market that is impossible to hedge against whilst appealing to a customer looking for a new way to stay engaged with a series of matches as they unfold in a bet which remains alive until the end of the fixture.

The new marketing strategy fits in with’s commitment to cater for both the UK-based fan of American sports along with customers who prefer the more traditional UK and European betting sports with the same blend of product innovation, fair margin and enhanced customer service.

Other developments for in Q1 include an extension of its B2C interests in the US, including offering bespoke pricing to select industry partners as well continued activity in the international insurance market.

Managing Director and co-founder Warren Llambias commented: “Despite their accents, our traders intrinsically understand American sports at a granular level. Some of the European operators that have entered the US already are facing the challenges associated with being too reliant on an outside odds feed, with limited understanding of why and how a price is generated.

“We’re aware of the complaints American operators may have when questioning prices they have been told are in line with the market, which is code for following the crowd. At we wholeheartedly believe that it’s important not only to have cutting edge algorithms and models to price US sports, but also to have the in-house experience of old fashioned market makers who fundamentally understand how to create a price and we’re confident of such a model resonating with US operators too.”

Regarding the success of Glory Goals, Llambias added: “Bonus abuse is the scourge of bookmakers and we’re confident in our ‘Glory’ series of promotions we have developed a product that not only removes the threat of bonus abuse but simultaneously appeals to genuine customers who value fair prices and innovative betting opportunities. This is also good news for our marketing partners as it strengthens our relationship with sources of good quality traffic which we are always happy to pay for.

“Football fans we targeted have taken to Glory Goals in record number and we’re confident we can replicate the success in baseball and beyond, with further iterations in development as we speak.”